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What is 5 a day?

What is 5 a day?

What is a portion?

5 portions a day means 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables each day, not 5 portions of fruit on top of 5 portions of veg.

It’s also best to get as wide a range into your diet as possible – so all kinds of fruit and vegetables rather than the same ones all the time.

For adults, one portion is 80g, but for kids it varies as every growing child has a different-sized tummy – very roughly, one serving is the amount that fits into the palm of their hand.

What counts?

Canned, frozen, 100% juice and dried fruit and veg all count towards 5 a day as well as fresh produce.

So don’t forget about the frozen peas or the cans of peaches.

What doesn’t count?

Things that are very processed don’t count. So watch out for fruit squash as it may contain sugar.

Jams and chutneys don’t count either, as they have lots of added sugar and not many nutrients. The same goes for pickled veg like onions and beetroot – all the vinegar gets rid of the goodness.

And potatoes contain too much starch so they don’t count either.