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Be food smart


Be food smart

When it comes to our food, we all like it to be cheap, easy and tasty. And that often means ready made foods, snacks and takeaways.

But if you look inside many of these foods and drinks, you’ll see they have lots of fat, salt and sugar. Too much of which can cause cholesterol, block our arteries and even lead to heart attacks, strokes and diseases like type 2 diabetes and cancers.

The good news is that we don’t have stop enjoying our family favourites like fish and chips, curries and sandwiches altogether. Finding tasty and healthier alternatives is easy. And it’s often cheaper (not to mention tastier) to make your own!

The recipes are easy to follow no matter what your level of cooking skill. You just need to be a bit food smart.

Find all our Food Smart recipes online

Check our recipes section for all our delicious Change4Life recipes, we’ve added some new healthy dessert recipes too.

Food smart breakfast

English Breakfast Muffins
Potato and poached egg hash
Three Bears Breakfast
Fruity French toast
Bangers on toast
Forest fruit smoothie
Pancakes with cherry tomatoes

Food smart lunch

Salmon and cucumber wraps
Harvest vegetable soup
Super savoury rice
Spiced chicken and vegetable soup
Pasta Salad on lettuce
Mediterranean medleys
Tuna and bean jackets

Food smart dinner

Chip shop fish ‘n’ chips
Meat-free cottage pie
Super stew and dumplings
Salmon with parsley mash
Vegetable Jalfrezi
Vegetable chilli
Turkey stir-fry