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Me size meals


Me size meals

Kids seem to grow up so quickly these days.

Kids seem to grow up so quickly these days. They often like to be treated like grown ups, before they’ve really grown up. This can also be true when it comes to mealtimes, when kids often end up with the same amount of food on their plates as grown ups.

But when they eat more than their bodies need, it converts to stored fat in their bodies. So many families are making a conscious effort to serve kids kid-sized portions. It’s common sense really.

That way you might even begin to see clean plates coming back, and if they really are still hungry, it’s OK to give them some seconds.


Give portions that match their age, a  5-year old needs less than a 10-year old and a 10-year old needs less than a grown-up. So here are some tips to make sure they get the right amount and aren't overfed.

Make a fist

Look at the size of your child's fist compared to yours. Not only are their fists, hands and feet smaller than yours, their stomach is too, so when you are serving up remember to give your kids smaller amounts of food than adults, it will still fill them up. Feeding our kids more won't make them grow any quicker, it just leads to fat storing up in their bodies.

Clean plates

We all love to see clean plates coming back from our kids. Give them the chance of finishing their food by giving them a portion that matches their size to begin with.

Don't nag them to eat up

We've all done it. Our parents did it to us. But it's healthier to serve them a kid sized portion and, if they're still hungry, let them ask for more. If you use snack check to ensure they're not filling up on snacks they will also be more likely to eat well at meal time.

Watch packaging sizes

Many foods and drinks (like cans of sugary drinks) are packaged for adults and for sharing. Don't automatically give it all to a child, try saving some for later, or dividing it out - it's better for them and will save money too.

For helpful tips on how much to eat visit the eatwell website 

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