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Getting people to change their lifestyle is a challenge. But they are much more likely to do it with your help.

Do you work in healthcare or childcare? Or for a local authority, school or charity? Do you run a business – either locally or nationally? Or are you simply keen to help people in your community to become more healthy?

Our network of over 700 local supporters across Wales use Change4Life to deliver healthy lifestyle messages in their local community.

Sign up

We've got loads of free downloadable resources, including leaflets, posters, even sponsorship forms, to enable you to introduce healthy diet and activity ideas.

If you register as a local supporter, we'll be able to send you regular updates about the campaign, plus access to our logos and character images so you can even create your own Change4Life resources.

What else would you like to see?

We always welcome your feedback and ideas on how to improve change4life Wales.  Please send your thoughts to our mailbox marked 'Feedback' to

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